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42g Chikara Ripstop Nylon

(Code: 1861BL)
42g Chikara Colour Choice : Black
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42g Chikara Ripstop NylonChikara Ripstop Nylon 41g/m1st quality, crisp, light weight cloth at aproximately 115cm wide, suitable for general purpose and high spec applications. Probably the most used material in kite building. Flexifoil have been using this cloth exclusivly ever since they first released the Blade Mk1. The fabric is made of nylon and double sided coated, so it is very good water repellent. It is very strong and doesn't tear easily at a relative low weight (about 41 grams). The fabric feels soft and the square structure is very visible (5 x 5 mm) 

Because of the huge colour range, we currently order in Chikara specifically for each customer, delivery times are naturally a little longer. Usually 4-5 day lead times on Chikara

All cloth is measured per meter pulled off the roll, so 1m of purchased fabric will buy a piece of cloth measuring 100cm x 153cm, 15m of purchased fabric will buy a piece of cloth 15m x 153cm.
Code 42g Chikara Colour Choice  Price   
1861BL  Black  16.99 Details Buy
1861DA  Dark Grey  16.99 Details Buy
1861SE  Sea Blue  16.99 Details Buy
1861RO  Royal Blue  16.99 Details Buy
1861MI  Midnight Blue  16.99 Details Buy
1861YE  Yellow  16.99 Details Buy
1861GO  Gold  16.99 Details Buy
1861OR  Orange  16.99 Details Buy
1861RE  Red  16.99 Details Buy
1861PU  Purple  16.99 Details Buy
1861GR  Green  16.99 Details Buy
1861SK  Skin  16.99 Details Buy
1861FO  Forest  16.99 Details Buy
1861WH  White  16.99 Details Buy
1861FL  Flo Orange  16.99 Details Buy
1861FLy  Flo Yellow  16.99 Details Buy
1861FLg  Flo Green  16.99 Details Buy
1861FLp  Flo Pink  16.99 Details Buy